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Eurasian Society of Educational Research
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Eurasian Society of Educational Research
7321 Parkway Drive South, Hanover, MD 21076, USA

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Model of Holistic Education-Based Boarding School: A Case Study at Senior High School

holistic education boarding high schools school culture supporting and hindering factors

Ida Rianawaty , Suyata , Siti Irene Astuti Dwiningrum , Bagus Endri Yanto


This study aims to analyze the implementation of holistic education and determining its supporting and hindering factors at a boarding high school in Malang, Indonesia. The method of this research is qualitative descriptive with a case study approach in the State Senior High School 10 Malang, Indonesia. The data collection technique was done through interviews and observations. The data analysis employed data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions making. The results showed that holistic education in the State Senior High School 10 Malang included the academic, leadership program, extracurricular, youth entrepreneurship, and environment caring programs. The supporting factors of the holistic education were curriculum, professional teachers, principal leadership, learning process, facilities and infrastructure, school management, three educational centers, and school culture. Meanwhile, the inhibiting factors included the low number of boarding teachers and the high operational costs. The results suggest that all schools should provide equal access to qualified education services to the whole nation through holistic education programs to produce intelligent and competitive students.

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