Research Article
Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Ageing in Zambia

Christopher C. Mapoma, Gift Masaiti

APA 6th edition
Mapoma, C.C., & Masaiti, G. (2012). Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Ageing in Zambia. European Journal of Educational Research, 1(2), 107-116. doi:10.12973/eu-jer.1.2.107

Mapoma C.C., and Masaiti G. 2012 'Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Ageing in Zambia', European Journal of Educational Research , vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 107-116. Available from:

Chicago 16th edition
Mapoma, Christopher C. and Masaiti, Gift . "Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Ageing in Zambia". (2012)European Journal of Educational Research 1, no. 2(2012): 107-116. doi:10.12973/eu-jer.1.2.107


This paper reflects part of the wider outlook on ageing in general in Zambia and was intended to investigate perceptions of and attitudes towards the aged and ageing in Zambia by members of the community who, by definition and chronologically are not classified as aged i.e. not yet 60 years and over. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were used to collect the necessary information. At least one FGD was conducted in each of the selected districts and they comprised almost an equal number of males and females. Findings indicate that people rarely discuss ageing and where such discussions are made, they usually reflect pessimistic views, attitudes and perceptions towards the aged. Further, discussants indicated that while older people face serious challenges, there seems to be no commitment in terms of policies and programs on how to address the question of ageing. Based on suggestions provided by discussants, the paper provides avenues through which ageing and the challenges thereof could best be addressed.

Keywords: Ageing, perception, attitude


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