Volume 6 Issue 2 (April 2017)

Latino Student Persistence Strategies in Transferring from Community College to Tier 1 Universities: A Phenomenological Analysis

Linwood N. Harris

Dropouts and Budgets: A Test of a Dropout Reduction Model among Students in Israeli Higher Education

Ran Bar-Am, Osama Arar

Scrutinizing the Factors Affecting Fluency of English among Arab Learners

Fawzi Al Ghazali

Examining the Reading Habits, Interests, Tendencies of the Students Studying at the Faculty of Education and Analyzing the Underlying Reason behind Their Preferences

Omer Faruk Tavsanli , Abdullah Kaldirim

Reflections from the Application of Different Type of Activities: Special Training Methods Course

Mihriban Hacisalihoglu Karadeniz

What Instructional Leaders Need to Know About the Effects of Inclusion

Seyithan Demirdag

Test Anxiety: Do Gender and School-Level Matter?

Utkun Aydın

An Investigation of Teacher Candidates' Perceptions About Physical Dimension of Classroom Management

M. Sencer Bulut Ozsezer, Ayten Iflazoglu Saban

Psychometric Properties of Adaptation of the Social Efficacy and Outcome Expectations Scale to Turkish

Fuad Bakioglu , Ayse Sibel Turkum

Skills in Social Studies Curricula in Turkey: An Examination in the Context of Socio-Cultural Interaction

Zafer Ibrahimoglu , Selda San