Volume 8 Issue 3 (July 2019)

Jubail Industrial College (JIC) Educational Quality Assurance and Management Procedures: Chemical and Process Engineering Technology Department as an Example

Mohamed Ibrahim Elzagheid

Interplay between Politics and Institution in Higher Education Reform

Saber Khelifi

Computer Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Music Teacher Candidates and Their Attitudes towards Digital Technology

Bahar Gudek

Technology-Supported Teaching: Technological Progress or a Sham?

Eyal Eckhaus , Nitza Davidovitch

From Text to Space: A Geographical Reading of Samed Behrengi

Nil Didem Simsek, Huseyin Mertol

From Modern Teaching to Mathematics Achievement: The Mediating Role of Mathematics Attitude, Achievement Motivation, and Self-Efficacy

Suntonrapot Damrongpanit

Examination of Primary School and Middle School Teachers’ Lifelong Learning Tendencies Based on Various Variables

Semra Demir-Basaran , Cigdem Sesli

The Development of an Instrument to Measure the Higher Order Thinking Skill in Physics

Syahrul Ramadhan , Djemari Mardapi, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Heru Budi Utomo

The Effectiveness of STEM-Based on Gender Differences: The Impact of Physics Concept Understanding

Rumadani Sagala, Rofiqul Umam, Andi Thahir, Antomi Saregar , Indah Wardani

Reflections of Fears of Children to Drawings

Ertugrul Talu

Greek Teachers’ Perceptions about the Types and the Consequences of Conflicts within School Context

Nikolaos Manesis , Elisavet Vlachou, Foteini Mitropoulou

Scientific Approach to Promote Response Fluency Viewed from Social Intelligence: Is It Effective?

M. Zainudin , Edi Istiyono

Budget Plan to Manage Income and Expenses in College Students: Some Features that Explain It

Arturo Garcia-Santillan , Teresa Zamora-Lobato, Jesica J. Ramos-Hernandez

Evaluation of National Examination (UN) and National-Based School Examination (USBN) in Indonesia

Undang Rosidin , Herpratiwi, Wayan Suana, Rijal Firdaos

Assessing the Relative Importance of an E-learning system’s Usability Design Characteristics Based on Students' Preferences

Ahmed Alshehri , Malcolm Rutter, Sally Smith

Investigating the Academic Motivations and Academic Achievements of Pre-Service Visual Arts Teachers

Selma Taskesen

Internet Addiction in Kurdistan University Students: Prevalence and Association with Self-Control

Zana H. Babakr , Kamaran Majeed, Pakstan Mohamedamin, Karwan Kakamad

Gamification as a Tool for Stimulating the Educational Activity of Students of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine and the United States

Iryna Zvarych , Svitlana M. Kalaur, Nataliya M. Prymachenko, Inna V. Romashchenko, Oksana Ia. Romanyshyna

Exploring the Relationship and Labels Attached by Students: How Classroom Management Styles in a Philippine Higher Education Institution Prevail?

Gilbert C. Magulod Jr. , Juvelyn D. Capili, Roselyn M. Pinon