Volume 8 Issue 4 (October 2019)

Contribution of CLIL Methodology to the Development of Bilingualism and Bilingual Language Competence of Slovak Secondary-School Students

Anna Hurajova

A Comparison between the Fifth Grade Intensive English Language Curriculum and the Fifth Grade English Language Curriculum: Students’ Achievement in Speaking

Suat Kaya

HOTS-AEP: Higher Order Thinking Skills from Elementary to Master Students in Environmental Learning

Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan, Diana Vivanti Sigit , Mieke Miarsyah, Ahmad Ali, Wiwin Pramita Arif, Trio Ageng Prayitno

Adaptation of Teachers’ Teaching Thinking Practices Scale into English

Yalcin Dilekli , Erdogan Tezci

Factors Affected the Psychological Trauma of Children Living in Incomplete Families – The Concern in Vietnamese School Counseling

Hoi Dinh Duc, Son Huynh Van, My Nguyen Thi Diem, Vu Giang Thien

According to Whom, Who is Who?: Perceptions Regarding Cultural, Educational Diversity and Othering (Amsterdam, The Netherlands Example)

Banu Yaman-Ortas

Flipped Teaching with CALL in EFL Writing Class: How Does It Work and Affect Learner Autonomy?

M. Ali Ghufron , Fitri Nurdianingsih

The Effects of Anxiety, Shyness and Language Learning Strategies on Speaking Skills and Academic Achievement

Adnan Oflaz

Extracurricular Environmental Activities in Moroccan Middle Schools: Opportunities and Challenges to Promoting Effective Environmental Education

Bouchta El-Batri, Anouar Alami , Moncef Zaki, Youssef Nafidi

The Analysis of Teachers’ Cyber Bullying, Cyber Victimization and Cyber Bullying Sensitivity Based On Various Variables

Ahmet Yildirim , Mustafa Celikten, Tymofii Desiatov, Yevgeny Lodatko

Anxiety toward Math: A Descriptive Analysis by Sociodemographic Variable

Nemesis Larracilla-Salazar , Elena Moreno-Garcia, Milka Elena Escalera-Chavez

The Stress Problems and the Needs for Stress Counseling of High School Students in Vietnam

Son Huynh Van, Vu Giang Thien , Thien Do Tat, Luong Tran, Hoi Dinh Duc

Assessment of the Practices for Early Mathematics Thinking in Preschools of Pasaje City, Ecuador

Clelia Consuelo Reyes-Cedeno, Hector Ivan Rivas-Cun, Carmen Elizabeth Espinoza-Cevallos, Carlos R. Rojas-Garcia

A Comparison of Score Equating Conducted Using Haebara and Stocking Lord Method for Polytomous

Risky Setiawan

The Profile of Structure Sense in Abstract Algebra Instruction in an Indonesian Mathematics Education

Junarti , Y. L. Sukestiyarno, Mulyono, Nur Karomah Dwidayati

The Tutoring Influences in Distance Education at El Oro Province Ecuador

Eudaldo Enrique Espinoza-Freire, Carlos R. Rojas-Garcia

Improving the Quality of Teaching Internships with the Help of the Platforms

Cristobal Ballesteros-Regana , Carmen Siles-Rojas, Carlos Hervas-Gomez, Maria Dolores Diaz-Noguera

An Emotional Literacy Improvement (ELI) Program for EFL Teachers: Insiders’ Views

Seden Eraldemir-Tuyan

The Use of PSPP Software in Learning Statistics

Minerva Sto.-Tomas, Darin Jan Tindowen , Marie Jean Mendezabal , Pyrene Quilang, Erovita Teresita Agustin

Development of E-Modules Based on Local Wisdom in Central Learning Model at Kindergartens in Jambi City

Hendra Sofyan , Evita Anggereini, Jamiatul Saadiah

Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying the Engineering Students’ Desire to Cheat During Online and Onsite Statistics Exams

Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales-Martinez , Ernesto Octavio Lopez-Ramirez, Yanko Norberto Mezquita-Hoyos

Impact of Flexible and Non-flexible Classroom Environments on Learning of Undergraduate Students

Canan Demir-Yildiz , Ramazan Samil Tatik

Psychometric Assessment and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Grit-S Scale among Omani and American Universities’ Students

Amal Alhadabi , Said Aldhafri, Hussain Alkharusi, Ibrahim Al-Harthy, Hafidha AlBarashdi, Marwa Alrajhi

Chinese Learning Anxiety on Foreign Students

Abd. Basith , Nur Musyafak , M. Aris Ichwanto, Andi Syahputra

Investigation of EFL Student Teachers’ Emotional Responses to Affective Situations during Practicum

Safaa Mohammad Alhebaishi

Approaching Problem-Solving Skills of Momentum and Impulse Phenomena Using Context and Problem-Based Learning

Yuberti, Sri Latifah, Adyt Anugrah, Antomi Saregar, Misbah, Kittisak Jermsittiparsert

The Primary School Moral Education Plan in Slovenia Ten Years after Its Introduction

Janez Krek , Tatjana Hodnik, Janez Vogrinc

Motion Graphic Animation Videos to Improve the Learning Outcomes of Elementary School Students

Angganingrum Shinta Hapsari, Muhammad Hanif , Gunarhadi, Roemintoyo

University of Education: Structure and Main Components of Management

Aleksandr A. Fedorov , Ekaterina P. Sedykh, Elena V. Mialkina

Reading Difficulty and its Remediation: A Case Study

Hayati Akyol, Yasemin Boyaci-Altinay

Cognitive, Affective, Social and Cultural Aspects of Teaching and Learning in Media Studies

Robin Kabha

Leading Change in Teacher Education: Balancing on the Wobbly Bridge of School-University Partnership

Manuela Heinz , Mary Fleming

Implementation of the Omega (ω) Index to Detect Large-Scale Systematic Cheating

Alvin Vista

Examining an English as a Foreign Language Teacher Education Program (EFLTEP)’s Curriculum: A Case Study in an Indonesian University

Urip Sulistiyo , Mujiyono Wiryotinoyo, Retno Wulan