Volume 8 Issue 1 (January 2019)

Writing for and Because of Lifelong Learning

Tanju Deveci

Investigation of Mathematical Concept Skills of Children Trained with Montessori Approach and MoNE Pre-school Education Program

Sema Ongoren, Derya Ozlem Yazlik

Test Anxiety: Gender Differences in Elementary School Students

Utkun Aydin

Investigation of the Effect of the Integration of Arduino to Electrical Experiments on Students' Attitudes towards Technology and ICT by the Mixed Method

Esma Bulus Kirikkaya , Billur Basaran

The Evaluation of Instructional Leadership Researches between 2002 and 2017 in Turkey

Semra Kiranli Gungor , Gizem Aydin

Analyzing the Secondary School Students’ Anxiety towards Science Course in Terms of a Number of Variables

Esra Ucak , Serkan Say

Emergency Management in Nursery Schools: An Analysis of Experiences and Opinions of Administrators in Turkey

Tugba Konakli , Pinar Kaplan

The Sense of Classroom Belonging Among Pre-Service Teachers: Testing a Theoretical Model

Sidika Gizir

Undergraduates’ Achievement Goal Orientations, Academic Self-Efficacy and Hope as the Predictors of Their Learning Approaches

Makbule Kali Soyer , Berke Kirikkanat

Comparison of Technical Terms and Consciousness of Blended Classes in ‘AI Technology’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence'

Isao Miyaji

Visualizing Music as a Basic Design Assignment in Architectural Education

Miray Gur , Ender Sen

‘It Is Not Our Fault; It Is Our Professors’ Fault!’ Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives on Their Own Experiences in Teacher Education Classrooms

Mustafa Yasar

Using Personal and Social Responsibility Model for Gaining Leadership Behavior in Students

Bijen Filiz

Reliability of the Analytic Rubric and Checklist for the Assessment of Story Writing Skills: G and Decision Study in Generalizability Theory

N. Bilge Uzun , Devrim Alici, Mehtap Aktas

Pre-service Teachers’ Opinions about the Use of 21st Century Learner and 21st Century Teacher Skills

Canses Tican , Sabahattin Deniz

Experiences of Prospective Physical Education Teachers on Active Gaming within the Context of School-Based Physical Activity

Hidayet Suha Yuksel

Examining the Effect of Creative Writing Activities on Reading, Writing and Language Lesson Attitudes of Elementary School Fourth Grade Students

Ozgur Babayigit

Participation in Leisure Activities as an Indicator of Inclusion: A comparison between Children with and without Disabilities in Portugal

Manuela Sanches-Ferreira , Silvia Alves, Monica Silveira-Maia, Manuela Gomes, Barbara Santos, Pedro Lopes-dos-Santos

How is Multicultural Education Perceived in Elementary Schools in Turkey? A Case Study

Serkan Aslan

Self-Efficacy and the Use of Compensatory Strategies: A Study on EFL Learners

Aynur Kesen Mutlu, Mehdi Solhi Andarab, Cemil Gokhan Karacan

Evaluation of Cultural Sensitivity in Healthcare Service among Nursing Students

Vesile Unver , Yasemin Uslu, Vildan Kocatepe, Sema Kuguoglu

A Mixed Research on Cheating and Absenteeism Behaviors of Teacher Certificate Program Students

Orhan Kahya , Halim Saricaoglu, Ali Yakar

Investigation of 9th Grade Students’ Geometrical Figure Apprehension

Yavuz Karpuz , Ercan Atasoy

The Effectiveness of Intercultural Sensitivity Development Activities Integrated with Scientific Research Methods Course

Ibrahim Tuncel

The Effects of Biology Laboratory Practices Supported with Self-regulated Learning Strategies on Students' Self-directed Learning Readiness and Their Attitudes towards Science Experiments

Kadriye Kayacan , Isil Sonmez Ektem

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students’ Perceptions of the Flipped Classroom Strategy in an Undergraduate Education Course

Amal Al-Ibrahim

Investigation of the 5th Grade Students’ Engagements in Mathematics Course towards Student Opinions

Ozge Deveci, Cigdem Aldan Karademir

Relationship between Academicians’ Organizational Identification Levels and Cynicism Attitudes in Sports Sciences

Cagdas Caz , Sait Bardakci

The Inclusion of Social Issues in the Curricula Adopted at the Elementary Education Level in Turkey

Fatmanur Ozen , Temel Topal

Examining the Relationship between Referee Performance and Self-Efficacy

Aydin Karacam , Niyazi Sidki Adiguzel

The Attitudes of Teachers towards Multicultural Education

Mehmet Fatih Karacabey, Mustafa Ozdere, Kivanc Bozkus