Volume 7 Issue 4 (October 2018)

School Performance of the Moroccan Students in the Spanish Educational System: The Municipality of Collado Villalba (Madrid Region)

Rossen Kostadinov Koroutchev

Opinions of Social Studies Prospective Teachers on Out-of-School Learning

Meral Metin Goksu , Tugba Somen

Social Studies Teachers’ Perspectives on the Advantages and Challenges of Interactive Whiteboard Application in Oman

Ahmed Hamad Al-Rabaani

The Perceptions of Students about the Role of School Counselors on Career Selection

Egemen Hanimoglu

Organizational Structure Scale – University Version

Evrim Erol, Aydan Ordu

Socio-Scientific Issues as a Context for STEM Education: A Case Study Research with Pre-Service Science Teachers

Esra Bozkurt Altan , Nurhan Ozturk, Ayse Yenilmez Turkoglu

Defining the Relationship between the Perceptions and the Misconceptions about Photosynthesis Topic of the Preservice Science Teachers

Mustafa Urey

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Doing Sports Situation, Gender and Age Variations in Sadness Management in Children

Kazim Nas, Veysel Temel

Human Resource Management Practices in Turkish Education System (Denizli Case)

Fatma Cobanoglu , Gulsum Sertel, Sevda Seven Sarkaya

Analyzing the Views of Pre-Service Teachers on the Use of Augmented Reality Applications in Education

Mutlu Uygur , Tugba Yanpar Yelken, Cenk Akay

A Qualitative Study on the Reasons for Social Media Addiction

Mehmet Emin Aksoy

Elementary Students’ Views on the Gendering of Mathematics

Helen Forgasz , Zvia Markovits

The Influence of Blended Learning Environment on Self-Regulated and Self-Directed Learning Skills of Learners

Ruchan Uz , Adem Uzun

Mindful Self-Care Scale (MSCS): Adaptation and Validation in a Normative Turkish Sample

Zeynep Aydin Sunbul , Asude Malkoc, Meltem Aslan Gordesli, Reyhan Arslan, Ferah Cekici

The Effect of Choral Participation on Middle School Students’ Life Satisfaction

Bagde Yilmaz, Gulnihal Gul, Doruk Engur

Teachers’ Moral Intelligence: A Scale Adaptation into Turkish and Preliminary Evidence

Mustafa Toprak , Mehmet Karakus

The Middle School Students’ Attitudes towards Turkish Course and Perceptions for Turkish Teachers

Mustafa Turkyilmaz , Mustafa Armut

Gender Differences in Middle School Students’ Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Perceptions towards mBlock Programming

Mustafa Serkan Gunbatar , Halit Karalar

The Mathematics Learning Styles of Vocational College Students

Serpil Yorganci

Factors Revealed while Posing Mathematical Modelling Problems by Mathematics Student Teachers

Semiha Kula Unver , Caglar Naci Hidiroglu, Ayse Tekin Dede, Esra Bukova Guzel

Peer Tutoring as an Improvement Strategy for School Exploitation

Denisse Ibeth Guerrero Flores, María Elena Urdiales Ibarra , María Guadalupe Villarreal Treviño, Claudia Castro Campos, Alexis Tadeo Loredo Tejeda

Gender Gap in Science Achievement for Jordanian Students in PISA2015

Emad G. Ababneh , Manal M. Abdel Samad

Investigating Childhood Fears during Preschool Period in terms of Child, Mother and Teacher Opinions

Alev Onder, Gulsen Ilci Kusmus, Ozge Cengiz

Investigation of Parents’ Early Literacy Beliefs in the Context of Turkey through the Parent Reading Belief Inventory (PRBI)

Ayten Iflazoglu Saban , Naime Feyza Altinkamis, Ebru Deretarla Gul

Analysis of Socialization Situations via Sport-based Physical Activity among Students at a School of Physical Education and Sports

Mehmet Yildirim , Cagdas Caz