Volume 7 Issue 1 (January 2018)

Using Self-Determination of Senior College Students with Disabilities to Predict Their Quality of Life One Year after Graduation

Pen-Chiang Chao

The Development Process of a Mathematic Teacher’s Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Hilal Yildiz , Tuba Gokcek

Children and Discipline: Investigating Secondary School Students’ Perception of Discipline through Metaphors

Fatma Sadik

Eliciting the Views of Prospective Elementary and Preschool Teachers about the Nature of Science

Ayhan Karaman

Correlation between Computer and Mathematical Literacy Levels of 6th Grade Students

Unal Ic , Tayfun Tutak

Effect of Activities Prepared by Different Teaching Techniques on Scientific Creativity Levels of Prospective Pre-school Teachers

Nur Akcanca , Lale Cerrah Ozsevgec

The Role of Teaching Grammar in First Language Education

Sezgin Demir , Ayse Erdogan

Identifying the Qualities of an Ideal Teacher in line with the Opinions of Teacher Candidates

Hatice Kadioglu Ates , Serkan Kadioglu

Measurement Invariance of the Student Personal Perception of Classroom Climate Scale (SPPCC) in the Turkish Context

Mustafa Bahar , Mustafa Asil, Christine M. Rubie-Davies

Investigating Primary School Teachers’ Perception About Democracy Through Metaphor Analysis

Hasan Nasirci , Fatma Sadik

A Path Analysis Model Pertinent to Undergraduates’ Academic Success: Examining Academic Confidence, Psychological Capital and Academic Coping Factors

Berke Kirikkanat , Makbule Kali Soyer

The Relations between the Organizational Happiness and the Organizational Socialization Perceptions of Teachers: The Sample of Physical Education and Sport

Rasim Tosten , Yunus Emre Avci, Erhan Sahin