Volume 7 Issue 2 (April 2018)

Children’s Perceptions of Tests: A Content Analysis

Gokce Bulgan

The Relationships between Quality of Work Life, School Alienation, Burnout, Affective Commitment and Organizational Citizenship: A Study on Teachers

Huseyin Akar

Determination of Teacher Candidates’ Views Concerning V Diagrams Used in General Biology Laboratories

Kadriye Kayacan

Use of Instructional Technologies by Teachers in the Educational Process: Metaphor Analysis Study

Hakan Sarac

The Analysis of Kutadgu Bilig in Terms of Values Education

Aysegul Tural

Investigating the Resilience Levels of Parents with Children with Multiple Disabilities Based on Different Variables

Sinem Kadi, Muzeyyen Eldeniz Cetin

Examination of Postgraduate Theses on History Textbooks in Turkey in Terms of Some Variables

Eray Alaca

Influences of Technology Integrated Professional Development Course on Mathematics Teachers

Umit Kul

The Book of My Dreams

Hatice Degirmenci Gundogmus

Student Definitions of Intercultural Competence (IC)- Are They Context-Specific?

Nadine Binder, Ozen Odag, Anne Leiser, Lisa Ludders, Karina K. Kedzior

Investigation of the Visuals Associated with the National identity in Turkish Republic Revolution History and Kemalism Textbooks

Mehmet Elban

The Interplay of Emotional Instability and Socio-Environmental Aspects of Schools during Adolescence

Alexander Latsch

Problems of Gifted and Talented Students Regarding Cursive Handwriting: Parent Opinions

Hatice Kadioglu Ates

A Study of Curriculum Literacy and Information Literacy Levels of Teacher Candidates in Department of Social Sciences Education

Serhat Sural , Nurhak Cem Dedebali

Why Should Bilingualized Dictionary of Turkish Be Used in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language?

Sami Baskin

Alternative Observation Tools for the Scope of Contemporary Education Supervision: An Action Research

Saadet Kuru Cetin

The Reflection of Neoliberal Economic Policies on Education: Privatization of Education in Turkey

Arslan Bayram

Exploring Prospective Teachers’ Reflections in the Context of Conducting Clinical Interviews

Rukiye Didem Taylan

Consistency between Constructivist Profiles and Instructional Practices of Prospective Physics Teachers

Ozlem Ates , Gul Unal Coban, Serap Kaya Sengoren

Fraction Multiplication and Division Word Problems Posed by Different Years of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers

Tuba Aydogdu Iskenderoglu

The Effect of 7E Learning Model on Conceptual Understandings of Prospective Science Teachers on 'de Broglie Matter Waves' Subject

Meryem Gorecek Baybars , Huseyin Kucukozer

The Opinions of Middle School Mathematics Teachers on the Integration of Mathematics Course and Social Issues

Buket Turhan Turkkan , Memet Karakus

Candidate Teacher Education Program Confusion in Turkey

Figen Cam Tosun , Muzaffer Simsek